Tax Services
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Tax Planning

Effective tax planning is necessary throughout the year and is a fundamental component in overall financial security. In addition to preparing your personal income tax return, Aubrey & Barichello Tax Service Inc provides solutions that reduce tax burdens and develop tax management plans using the most current incentives available to Huntsville residents.

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Non-Filed Tax Returns & Unpaid Back Taxes

The first step in resolving any tax problem is filing non-filed tax years. Not only can Aubrey & Barichello Tax Service Inc restore peace of mind, our qualified Huntsville tax team has the knowledge and experience to negotiate with the IRS once all tax years are filed.

Tax penalties, interest and additional levies imposed by the IRS for unpaid back taxes will steadily increase and should never be ignored. Taxpayers can turn to Aubrey & Barichello Tax Service Inc for information and guidance for highly competent IRS representation. Our tax team will review all available settlement options and achieve the best resolution, including Offers in Compromise, partial-pay and negotiated Installment Agreements. Aubrey & Barichello Tax Service Inc can readily negotiate with the IRS to reduce your tax liability.

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Overseas Contractor's Tax Returns

Aubrey & Barichello Tax Service Inc has a large clientele of oil and gas, as well as military contractors who live overseas more than 12 months of a year. Our tax team is expert in filing personal tax returns with the appropriate Form 2555 Foreign Earned Income or Form 1116 Foreign Tax Credit. We always ensure our clients maximize their credits to their full advantage.

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IRS Audits

As a consequence of an IRS audit, businesses and individuals risk overpayment for tax liabilities due to improper representation. Aubrey & Barichello Tax Service Inc provides the qualified expertise of skilled tax specialists for Huntsville individuals or businesses confronted with an IRS tax review.

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