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IRS Audits

When conducting an audit, the IRS typically operates with the knowledge that the average taxpayer is unaware of their rights and is vulnerable to intimidation and pressure. Although it may seem feasible, handling your tax liability issues without professional representation is not recommended. Simply understanding what is being asked for in an audit, and which records must be provided, can be very difficult and overwhelming. If the response to the audit is handled poorly, this could well lead to the overpayment of taxes and penalties.

Businesses and taxpayers represented by tax professionals during audits ensure the best possible outcomes with the IRS. At Aubrey & Barichello Tax Service Inc, all direct communication with an IRS revenue officer is handled by a senior principal experienced in negotiating in matters such as:

  • Business and/or personal tax audits
  • Tax interest payments
  • Tax Liens
  • Garnishments and seizures
  • Collection due process appeal
  • Reduction of tax liability decisions
  • Equitable relief
  • Abatement of penalties in interest
  • Relief from unjustified audits
  • Request for Innocent Spouse relief
  • Protection from intimidation and IRS harassment